Why we are doing this... the story of Day 8.

Week 1 is complete and I have rode over 1,000km, to put it into a different context the average runner burns 3,500 calories during a marathon, on average I burned 4,937 calories on each of the first 7 days of the ride.

Today we said goodbye to Ronnie, an absolute legend and huge help, there's no way I would have been able to get through the first week as I did if Ronnie had not joined, his words of encouragement, support and advice have been fantastic, thanks mate. Jon arrived from Sydney full of energy (probably due to his magic black bag),  he will ride all the way through to HCMC, it's fantastic to have him here.

To keep the legs from turning to stone we rode to the Danang heart hospital to visit disadvantaged children who are having life saving heart surgery. This is why I started this initiative, this is why I am riding, so together we can make a life saving difference to children like these in desperate need of help. It was fantastic to have Ronnie, Lisa, Jane, Jon, Aji and Mike there as well, to see the children and their families first hand, and to see how they and all of us together are truly making a difference to some people in very desperate need of help.

It was great to see the children recovering, amazing to hear how a 15 year old boy post surgery feels great and can't wait to go home and play with his friends, sad when a boy tells you that he can't breathe and there is real fear in his eyes, rewarding beyond words when he relaxes and smiles when you give him encouragement and tell him soon he is going to be able to breathe fully and next year he can join me on the ride if he wants, heart-breaking to see mums, dads, and grandad's sit next to their little ones who are fighting for their lives in intensive care, humbling when a child and a parent shakes your hand and with a look of incredible sincerity says thank you, and inspiring to see all of the amazing work Rad and the team at Heartbeat are doing. Everyone at Heartbeat foundation does such an incredible job, and I am so proud that we are able to help them, I actually think job is the wrong word as no one in the foundation thinks of what they do as a job, it is far bigger and more important than that. 


Words of encouragement and an offer to join me on the ride next year

Words of encouragement and an offer to join me on the ride next year

After riding to and from the hospital and with John Denver playing in my head I visited my spiritual home to see two very special people. A great way to end an outstanding day and first week.



If you would like to donate, you still can at www.gofundme.com/cyclefor16

Thanks for truly making a difference this year and saving a life of someone in desperate need of help.