Woke up to Taylor telling me to shake it off, but all I could do was shake.. I looked in the mirror and I looked washed out with my body shaking, I looked like Spud from Trainspotting - the substance abusing junkie, and then I realised... I've been abusing the energy gels, riddled with the shakes, I decided to go cold turkey for today's ride, no gels, no chews, just berocca, coffee and water... The ride was fantastic, it went in a blur, all 145km..., literally it was a blur, I got sweat into my contact lenses and they blurred, I changed them 3 times, same thing, the entire ride a blur. From what I saw the Ho Chi Minh Trail seemed nice with rolling hills and farms on each side, the occasional late swerve around cattle and the confronting smell of Eau de Poo meant there was plenty of livestock around too, the hills were tough and long but thankfully I couldn't see how far I had to go up them so I just kept going at full tilt. We ended the ride in an industrial town, and a kid and his mate in front of me went straight over their handlebars onto the hard tarmac below, not knowing if I had contributed in any way shape or form to this crash I stopped to see if they were OK, they smiled, to ease my guilt (just in case it was my fault) I went to give them a chocolate oat brownie from my Camelbak, but in my blurred vision I'm pretty sure I accidentally gave them a couple of packets of my unused caffeinated chews.. 

Ronnie and I had a late dinner, desperately seeking a good restaurant we searched Trip advisor for the hottest restaurant in Vinh. I was a very hot and spacious restaurant, about 40 degree hot...again Trip Advisor was right!

Day 5 today, off to Phong Nha.

Thanks for making a difference and helping save the lives of children in very desperate need of help.